Our Story

While Neenah Lutheran is a new school, it has strong roots in quality education. The unification of Trinity Lutheran and Martin Luther Schools has taken the best practices from each school, along with a common view of God’s Word, and joined them together to make one united school. Planning for the future gives us an opportunity to look back on how the past has built our quality Christian school:


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2020 - Neenah Lutheran School

In fall of 2020, Neenah Lutheran School will open its doors to students for the first time. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for our ministry in Neenah!

After many prayers and careful planning, our new school will…

  • Model the love of Christ in everything we do and foster servant attitudes in all of our programs.

  • Establish a reputation for excellent educational programs with ideal student/teacher ratios and comprehensive professional development.

  • Create a strong presence in our community through active outreach and family programs.

  • Sustain an efficient, long-term business model through EOS leadership training.

2015 to 2019 - Becoming the Neenah Lutheran Knights

Where did the “Neenah Lutheran Knights” come from? In August of 2015, Trinity and Martin Luther teamed up in athletics to provide more opportunities for our students to compete at their skill levels. Since there was now one unified athletic program, we needed a unified name! Over the course of the year, with teams sharing uniforms from the previous athletic programs, the students decided to call themselves the “Knights” so that they could have their own identity. After a program-wide vote, it was official: “Knights” it is! “Neenah Lutheran” came naturally along with it, since both schools are located in Neenah.

A Tribute to History: The “Knights” was a clever creation in that it took the mascot from each school and combined them. The Martin Luther Lancers and the Trinity Lutheran Mustangs now became the horse and its rider, the Knights. The shield also incorporates part of each school’s former logos, the symbol of the Trinity and the cross from Martin Luther School. Our schools’ rich histories have paved the way for an even better unified school. Therefore the new logo for Neenah Lutheran School, as seen on the top left of our website, along with our athletic logo, both connect our past to our future, with Christ always at the center.

Unanimous Approval: During the summer of 2019, both churches voted unanimously to go forward with the complete school unification. To have the full support from both congregations is a tremendous blessing from God. It took a lot of time, planning, and effort from many devoted people to educate and equip our congregations to make this monumental decision!

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1957 to 2020 - Martin Luther School

In 1941, Martin Luther Church began as a mission congregation on the West side of Neenah. The school was formed in 1957 by a passionate group of congregational members who saw the need for and importance of Christian education. The school has since blossomed to serve students from 3k through Eighth Grade in its current location. For over 60 years, Jesus has been the focus and foundation of the quality education provided to students at Martin Luther School.

1873 to 2020 - Trinity Lutheran School

Trinity Lutheran School has served the people of Neenah and its surrounding communities for more than 140 years. Throughout this time, God has blessed the school with faithful and talented school teachers who consider it a real privilege to share Jesus with their students.

As God has blessed us, he has also enabled us to move and expand our facilities a number of times. The school opened its doors in the fall of 1873 as a humble, one room building. God continually blessed it with increasing enrollment, which led to new building projects in 1893 and 1951. The final expansion of the current building was completed in fall of 2014, which provided the beautiful lobby and commonspace that welcome you into the building today.

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