WELS School Accreditation (WELSSA) is a process in which the school evaluates its current education practices and seeks sound methods to build on its strengths and determine new ways to grow and strengthen the educational ministry of the school for the benefit of the students and parents to the glory of God.

Our Accreditation Process

Schools working toward accreditation must complete a comprehensive self-study, host a site visit team of educators outside the school every five years, and develop and implement a school improvement plan to maintain accreditation. The school files an annual report detailing their progress in meeting their goals and staying in compliance with the WELSSA standards.

Both campuses have met the requirements for full accreditation by WELSSA which is recognized by the National Council for Private Schools Accreditation (NCPSA). The grades that our campuses are accredited for span from PreK to Eighth grade.

A Tradition of Excellence

Neenah Lutheran is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). WELS has a rich tradition of academic excellence in its preschool (early childhood) through grade 12 school system. The WELS has operated highly regarded schools across the United States, the Caribbean, and elsewhere in the world for over 150 years. Currently WELS churches and associations operate 398 early childhood centers, 337 elementary schools, and 25 high schools across the nation. Neenah Lutheran is part of one of the largest private school networks in America.
The WELS has provided excellent instructors to these schools by training its own teachers since 1884. Each of our teachers has a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Continuing education for our teachers is also a priority through participation various in-services, conferences, seminars, and classes. It is gratifying to report that, on average, students attending WELS schools annually tend to outperform their peers by a considerable margin on national achievement tests. We humbly thank God for His blessings upon our schools. Neenah Lutheran is proud to continue this rich tradition of academic excellence in the Fox Valley community!